Aurora 365 V. 2 Day 18

Posted in Photography on August 19th, 2011 by Aurora

Concert lights

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Days 79 – 85

Posted in Photography on October 29th, 2009 by Aurora

I was going to actually move the photos over here when I got back, but I think I’ll just link to them, then any comments will stay intact :)

All these photos were taken with my iPhone.

Day 79 – View from the Westin

Day 80 – Star Wars in Concert

Day 81 – Fan Days Fan Breakfast

Day 82 – ForceCast mircophone (actually took with a real camera, then took a photo of it with iPhone from laptop screen – easier to post)

Day 83 – Skyscraper (see note for Day 82)

Day 84 – Sunset at DFW

Day 85 – YHZ (Halifax Airport)

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Day 4

Posted in Photography on August 8th, 2009 by Aurora
Moonlight Concert

Moonlight Concert

This is from the Moonlight Concert; an annual fund raising concert featuring jazz and big band music.  I love attending this concert each year!

Well, it’s a bit late… technically it’s Day 5 lol but we didn’t get home from this until almost Midnight.  It’s also not the best quality pic, but that’s alright, too.  They can’t all be winners, I guess!

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