Time Capsule – October 12

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In 2008, I spent two weekends back to back to see three concerts!  (Carrie Underwood one weekend and Doc Walker and Alice Cooper the next.  Culture shock, much?)  While there I did a bit of sightseeing.
Clock Tower
This is the clock tower at Citadel Hill.


12 October, 2008

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Digital P&S

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Day 289 and 290

Posted in Photography on June 14th, 2010 by Aurora

Days 286-288, taken along my trip to Toronto this weekend, can be found at Posterous.

Day 289


Day 290

I really need to watch the time… I was so caught up in my work this afternoon that I almost missed my bus!

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Day 265 and 266

Posted in Photography on May 21st, 2010 by Aurora

Yes, I suck.  ah well… :P

Day 265

Wisteria against the side of the house.  LOVE the smell of wisteria!

Day 266

Pendulum of our grandfather clock, brought back from Germany.

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